Why Solascope?


  • Advanced technologies needed to deliver care in ASCs
  • More Surgical specialties moving to Ambulatory Surgical Centres
  • New Generation of Surgeons looking to reduce impact on environment


  • Self cleaning and panoramic rotation delivering improved minimally invasive procedures
  • Smaller footprint product with simple installation and no on site reprocessing required
  • Designed for the transition to Circular Manufacturing to support sustainable models of care

Breakthrough Technology

The next generation of surgical endoscopy.

The promotion and use of our sterile panoramic, self-cleaning endoscope technology will vastly improve patient and healthcare system outcomes.

We integrate cutting-edge technology with circular design practices to deliver the next generation of sterile surgical endoscopes.

  • Integrated lens cleaning
  • Panoramic visualisation
  • Designed for sustainable manufacturing and use

Solascope for Sinus Surgery will result in:

Impact Explanation
Reduced number of scopes prepared /procedure From up to 4 to only 1
Reduced time in procedure due to reduction in removal of scope from surgical field Standard Scope may need to be removed and cleaned up to 30 times per procedure-Solacope can clean in-situ
Reduced complications for patient associated (Bleeding, Orbital Haematoma, CSF Leak) Improved visualisation of surgical field intraoperatively due to panoramic visualisation and reduction in blood obstructing lens via cleaning system